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 Tousen, The Lost Heir of the Sypher Lineage

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Tousen, The Lost Heir of the Sypher Lineage Empty
PostSubject: Tousen, The Lost Heir of the Sypher Lineage   Tousen, The Lost Heir of the Sypher Lineage I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2015 5:01 pm

Name: Tousen Sage Sypher
Age: 17
Race: Cra
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Description: Well toned body build. Grey hair (a trait of the Syphers; those who were the highest rank), olive skin and a slight accent causing his words to shorten at times.

An orphan at age 7, Tousen fended against the monsters within the Sewers of Astrub. All he could recall is his mother whom hummed a melody to him to help fall asleep. The Sypher Family were known for Thievery and their Armour Smithing. Though they stole from the Rich and those who sought power, they always helped one another and those who sought help also. With this instilled upon Tousen, he always questioned why his parents left him. Perhaps it was to protect him. Many ideas loomed Tousen's mind as he was growing up in the Slums, scavenging food where he could. Picking up the artes of his Family, Tousen began to practice archery as well as Armour Smithing which he held dear to him. He may never find his Family but he will continue their Artes and pass them down to his apprentice; if one were to ever appear.
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Tousen, The Lost Heir of the Sypher Lineage
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