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 A bounty on Tofulix the Tubby

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A bounty on Tofulix the Tubby Empty
PostSubject: A bounty on Tofulix the Tubby   A bounty on Tofulix the Tubby I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2015 11:32 am

Attention all guildmembers! This is Von Grapple, and I am putting out a bounty on Tofulix the Tubby, Lv 70. I will pay 1700 kamas for any of the items he drops. He is hiding in a secret room inside the Cloudy tofuland dungeon. To find him, you must make your way to the third room of the dungeon, and look for two pillars connected at the top by a cloud. From there, you must find the hidden road that leads to him. I recommend having a drago-turkey handy, as the path to him is quite long. Good luck, and good hunting.
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A bounty on Tofulix the Tubby
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