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 Event: Shivering Arachneephobia Bonus Weekend (Jan17-Jan18) - ENDED

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PostSubject: Event: Shivering Arachneephobia Bonus Weekend (Jan17-Jan18) - ENDED   Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:59 pm


•bonus of +100% Kamas and +50% Combat XP

Raised Vault (Level 12)
Larventura (Level 16)
Abandoned Scarapit (Level 22)
Tsu’s Palace (Level 32)
Miss Ugly Tower (Level 32)
Cloudy Tofuland (Level 34)
Treechnid Dungeon (Level 47)
Arachnoshima Dungeon (Level 67)
The Undieworld (Level 76)
Brrrbli Dungeon (Level 80)
Hagen Daz’s Pot (Level 103)
The Frozen Tower (Level 113)
Blackspore Dungeon (Level 128)
Blackspore Dungeon (Hardcore Version)
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Event: Shivering Arachneephobia Bonus Weekend (Jan17-Jan18) - ENDED
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