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 Guild Event Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Event Rules   Guild Event Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2015 9:51 pm

Dungeon Delvers: During this event each manager, or two managers, will be taking other members through dungeons. The purpose of this event is to help the newer members to better understand the dynamics of their characters while helping them level and get gear. Please let it be noted that during these Dungeon Delves the Head Event Managers will not be taking place in the actual fight unless necessary and all items earned through the dungeon is to be given to the manager(s) for redistribution purposes. If there is any gear gained through this that you will need then let the manager know and they will decide if you truly need it. NO GEARING FOR ALTS. This Event is purely for mains only. The dungeons we will be participating in will be any dungeon that is near the average level of the other members in the party. Any undistributed gear will be sold or stored for the guild, all profit through the sales of these items will go directly to the guild coffers. Outside of these simple rules enjoy your time and have fun.
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Guild Event Rules
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