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 A quick and dirty primer for Forum Role Playing

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A quick and dirty primer for Forum Role Playing Empty
PostSubject: A quick and dirty primer for Forum Role Playing   A quick and dirty primer for Forum Role Playing I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2015 2:10 pm

Hey everybody! Not sure about how anyone else is going to do it but I figured I'd explain to those new to Forum RP how I go about it myself. In wakfu everyone generally just plays their characters and occasionally someone will lead a story like Von or someone else or even tie it in to the leveling or dungeon people are currently in. Its one of the cool things about having a visual medium like game right in front of you.

Forum RP has a little more lee-way since rather than being entirely in the game your also writing a story. There are two styles of Role-playing I'll mention here and that's Freestyle Freeform and Structured Freeform.

Sound kind of complicated? well bare with me.

Freestyle Freeform is close to how we RP in Wakfu. Everyone plays, no one power games, and each and every person has a hand in building the story. Its exciting and new every time you come to it and you can do almost anything you'd like with it. Like friends hanging out in a tavern, anything can happen. An example on the Forum of this is the Amazing Dao Xiao's Trinket shop. No direct story, any anyone who wants to can come in and post and play around and we can write a story -together-.

Structured Freeform This is a style I am most used to in RPG forums. The GM, DM, ST or whatever they are referring to themselves as (Game Master, Dungeon Master, Story Teller or what-have-you) Will post first an introduction to a story explain whats going on or what antagonist is up to what and then present a scenario. Everyone and anyone can post after that and they don't have to come up with story elements they can just react to whats going on. The ST/GM/DM plays everyone else in the story from common farm hands to shop keepers or bad guys. All you have to do is focus on being a hero and exploring the story!

I'm personally going to put a few of these up soon to try and foster more RP on the site so I hope you all will like them and with the help of some of the other senior members giving example of what I mean I think we can all have a lot of fun and have a couple of epic adventures to take part in.

Before each introduction I post I will personally have a reserved spot so that if the plot progresses to several pages long a synopsis of what is going on will be the first thing written in the thread that I will keep updated as plot goes by so you can see whats going on before reading through it all since I know how intimidating it can be to have to sift through months and months of play!
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A quick and dirty primer for Forum Role Playing
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