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 World of Twelve Market Board Discussion

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PostSubject: World of Twelve Market Board Discussion    Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:41 pm

Hey guys, Not all of us are Entrouf's out there so what do we do about certain things clogging up our limited inventory space? Market Savvy is a hard thing to be in this ever changing economy. Hence! I propose those interested in keeping watch on certain items post them here so we can better figure out how to earn cash not only for ourselves but for the guild.

You make more kamas and you might be more inclined to put a few extra kamas in the guild coffers. Its a sound logic, yes?

That being said: This is not a thread for prices you've seen once or twice, this is for general consistence such as items used in Re-stat quests and other things all put here for quick reference. So if you find yourself with, say, Fins or Chafer Bones or a million other drops you come here and check what prices we've seen them up for and know you can put them up on the market board for a hundred kamas more than you were first thinking. At least, its the general idea.

Addendum: These prices will not always be accurate, nor will they guarantee you a sale. They are meant purely to have us all on the same page depending on the market value which wavers back and fourth, supply and demand, etc.

In short, keep an eye out for prices and don't get suckered out of kamas!
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PostSubject: Re: World of Twelve Market Board Discussion    Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:02 am

Remember folks, economics: supply/demand applies heavily to this game. Throughout play, people will encounter pricy items, but will not know it.
Making a list so members are aware and don't toss items for the sake of inventory space.

•Chefish: randomly gotten from fishing spots lv20+ (Sells for 3,000-5,000)

•Hoodlums: drops Lalovely Stones (sells for 3,000-5,000)

•Grandmeow's House: pet Bow Meow: can be gotten from Dungeon Achievements and also as a random drop from the boss. (2,000 - 3,000. more if leveled higher)

All Restat/Respec items. easy to farm and generally quick to sell. (each items sells between 200-300)
•Scara Horns from the scarafly family
•Blibli Teeth from the Blibli family
•Fins from the Snapper family
•Country Scalps from the Plant family
•Toad Tongues from the Chimera (toads) family
•Moskito Wings from the Moskito family
•Chafer Bones from the Brakmar Chafer Family
•Koko Leaves from the Kokoro family.
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World of Twelve Market Board Discussion
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