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 Grayden Strongheart The Disciple

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PostSubject: Grayden Strongheart The Disciple   Grayden Strongheart The Disciple I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2015 6:57 am

Name: Grayden Strongheart
Race: Iop
Age: 23
Height: 5'6
Eye color: blue
Body build: tone
Nationality: Bonta

Grayden is your average, life loving, iop. Not much going on in the head, but a whole lot in the heart. A huge hopeless romantic. Grayden doesn't remember much about his past. His parents, siblings and friends were slaughtered in a village massacre near the outskirts of Bonta from the new and rising, Ogrest Cult. Grayden can not remember these events for his memory repressing the pain inside. All his life he watched the amazing adventurers coming and going from Bonta. He wanted to be just like them. So at the young age of 14, he set off to become an adventurer. Within his heart....something pushes him past his limit to protect those he loves, possibly from the repressed memories. He now currently hangs around Astrub, giving new adventurers the essentials they will need on their journey. Along the way, he met an Iop by the name, Nathaniel. After a sparring match with him, Grayden knelt on his knees and asked if Nathan would be his sensei. Now Grayden is part of a small guild that are the closest thing to family he has ever had. His dreams of protecting them one day have not faltered.

Favorite Hobby: Stay in Astrub and help new adventurers
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Weapon: A hand-crafted Axe made by his master, Nathaniel
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Grayden Strongheart The Disciple
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