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 Von Grapple, The devout follower

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PostSubject: Von Grapple, The devout follower   Von Grapple, The devout follower I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2015 11:23 pm

Name: Von Grapple
Nicknames: Von, Grap, Keeper of the bucket
Appearance: Abnormal grey hair, Normal build, Circular scar behind left ear
Age: 21
Race: Iop
Nation: Amakna, Birthplace unknown
Short bio: An orphan for most of his early life, Von Grapple was withdrawn and anti-social. Upon his coming-of-age, he left the small village he was residing in to find his purpose. For a short time, he worked as a freelance mercenary before an "incident" caused him to leave that life behind. Von also has a trauma-induced split personality, named Kaiser, whom he keeps as a closely guarded secret. He is also easily embarrassed and easily flustered, making him a target for teasing from his female guildmates. In his travels, he witnessed the destruction and pain caused by the Cult of Ogrest and vowed to find some way to help the victims who are plagued by this senseless violence. And so, his quest led him to Astrub, where, upon his arrival, he met a Sadida recruiting for a guild. And so his story began...
Favored weapons: Sword and shield/Hammer
Family ties: None
Favorite hobbies: Mining, baking
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Von Grapple, The devout follower
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