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 Guild Events (TBA)

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PostSubject: Guild Events (TBA)   Guild Events (TBA) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2015 6:01 pm

Guild Events

Monday 3pm-8pm - Dungeon Delvers: On mondays there shall be groups of "Dungeon Delvers" that will consist of 1-2 Senior Members and 2-5 Junior Members. These "Dungeon Delvers" will be participating in multiple dungeon runs which will be decided by the month and necessity, such as if a crafter needs certain items then that dungeon has a chance of being selected. All loot findings will be given to the Senior Member(s) to be distributed as needed and evenly all unused treasures shall go into the bank vault to either be saved for a later date or to be sold for Kamas for guild funding.

Tuesday & Thursday 3pm-8pm - Training Day: These Training Days shall be used to train new members that are not very knowledgable about their classes or the game. During these times we will have appointed Senior Members to help out with and class questions and the Training will consist of, but is not limited to, dungeon delving, practice PvP matches, and resource gathering. During these times we will also be handing out "Outstanding Rewards" for anyone that shows that they are taking this day serious and wants to help out in the future possibly. These rewards can be and are not limited to, Kamas, Free Gear, and resources.

Wednesday - Free Day: This day we don't have any specifically planned events so feel free to ask for assistance with anything or get a party together to run a dungeon (keep in mind of the dungeon delving ruling, no member that is over 15 levels higher may run a dungeon with you, this is to prohibit power leveling, the point of running dungeons is to enjoy them and have fun while having some difficulty to it).

Friday 3pm-8pm - Senior Guild Meeting: On this day the Senior members will have a private meeting (either in a party or somewhere secluded away from possible ears of Junior Members) in order to discuss future planning and to see what members we feel are showing promise in the guild. At these meetings we will have a designated Senior Member that can be reached to help out any Junior Member that need it during these meetings at to not leave the Juniors unattended.

Saturday & Sunday - Roleplay Sessions: During these days the guild, or those that would like to participate, will be taking part in an RP adventure this will be to either further the story of a person's character or to further the story of the guild, these RPs will be lead by Von Grapple who s at the moment our outstanding Guild Master, during these times we would like for evey participating member to be in character and use proper means to let the other RPers know when they are out of character these methods are to either use (( -text- )) or ! -text- ! if either one of these methods are used we will know that text is out of character. If you happen to make an out of charcter statement please don't be offended if no one responds or if a few people get confused keep in mind we are Roleplaying and sometimes mistakes happen.

Specific Events - During these Specific Events we will be either running special dungeons or hunting specific monsters either for most of the day or for the whole day. To find out more of these events contact Von Grapple or any of the Senior Members.

Senior Members - Kali'Leen, Nathaniel Quince, Bloodred-Temptation, FinalWolf. (more Senior Members will be added as they move up from Junior Members)
Outside of these events enjoy your time with us at Roleplay and have fun!

- Von Grapple and the Senior Members
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Events (TBA)   Guild Events (TBA) I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2015 1:34 pm

Things look great so far. Well done.
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Guild Events (TBA)
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